MuzePlatform is a worldwide music distribution service that will be released on up to 35 sites from Melon, Spotify to TikTok, Instagram Reels in two weeks.


Easy 5-step registration. Anyone can register in 5 minutes with just an email address.

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Released within 2 weeks on the most domestic and overseas music source sites

Domestic: FLO, Melon, Genie, Bugs, Naver VIBE, etc.
Overseas: Over 35 music sites including Apple Music, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon, 7Digital, KKBox, etc.


Domestic/overseas promotion support

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Support for domestic and overseas music site main and genre exposure
Provides links to sales of up to 40 domestic and overseas sales sites
Supports Beatport release for EDM


Open the individual online settlement system

Payment can be received with resident number(SSN) without business license
Check monthly settlement report from 2 months after sale date
Accumulated settlement payment of 50,000 won or more, carried over if less than 50,000 won


  • Suitable product for new artist and label
  • Registration fee    Free
  • fees    20% of final revenue

  • Suitable product for general artist and label
  • Registration fee    $52.23 +
    2 or more songs x $3.73 (excluding VAT)
  • fees    15% of final revenue
  •    Example of cost calculation

    2 songs: $55.97
    3 songs: $59.70
    6 songs: $70.89

  • Free/Advertising music
  • If you want free streaming,
    if it is a music for advertising
  • Registration fee    Separate consultation
  • fees    Separate consultation
  •    Depending on the characteristics of the music and the number of music,
    cost can be negotiated


This is the latest album released worldwide through the MuzePlatform.


We provide Short-form Marketing, Music Marketing, music broadcast deliberation agency, lyric video promotion, TikTok registration, Instagram Reels registration.

  Short-form Marketing

Many labels are now using short-form videos to promote their music.

We create short-form videos of less than 1 minute for music marketing.

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  Music Marketing

If you register your music on the Muse platform, regardless of whether it is distributed or not, we will act as an agent for overseas marketing.

We will promote your music on YouTube and Spotify.

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  Broadcast Deliberation

Broadcast deliberation is handled easily without any additional required documents.

We will send you a photo of the deliberation reception, and we will check and notify you every week until the results are announced.

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  Lyric Video Promotion

Do you want lyric video promotion? We can promote your music by making your lyric video.

Using the MuzePlatform, we produce lyric videos and support Korean fans to understand the lyrics with clear Korean lyrics translation.

  TikTok Registration

If you use the MuzePlatform service, your music will be automatically registered in TikTok.

You can set the part you want in the sound source as the highlight section and register it on TikTok.

  Instagram Reels

If you use the MuzePlatform service, your music will be automatically registered in Instagram Reels.

If you make your video using your music as the background, your music can happen to go viral in Instagram.


MuzePlatform produces lyric video for the promotion.

video thumb

살랑살랑 - 김라떼

Cause i love you feat
video thumb

Cause i love you feat. 보인 of NARIN - 임진욱

video thumb

THE END - 에일린

video thumb

김밥(Kimbab) - OwlOwl

video thumb

RUM - Elliye

비빔밥 여행(Bibimbap Travel)
video thumb

비빔밥 여행(Bibimbap Travel) - OwlOwl

동백이의 노래. 1
video thumb

동백이의 노래. 1 - 신율희, 레팡세 뮤지컬

video thumb

사랑하지만 - 최재훈

Make you stay
video thumb

Make you stay - 에일린

video thumb

온새미로 - Buddy

video thumb

눈벚꽃 (SNOWSAKURA) - 배수정

Winter, again
video thumb

Winter, again - Chrissy J.

video thumb

빙글 - 유대해

Lie (Feat. 박수민)
video thumb

Lie (Feat. 박수민) - 김현진

길 잃은 소경
video thumb

길 잃은 소경 - 이바울

하늘 위에 있는 너에게
video thumb

하늘 위에 있는 너에게 - 도순 (DoSoon)

날아올라 고양이야
video thumb

날아올라 고양이야 - 버디

Time Love
video thumb

Time Love - 라임찌

Mental (멘탈)
video thumb

Mental (멘탈) - Rude Benny (루드베니)

video thumb

DA RA DA - 8:59(팔오구), WOONIE(우니)


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